Outrage: Governor Yahaya Bello Threatens To Send Those Wouldn’t Do His Will To His Mother’s Grave (Video)

The governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello has been filmed making strange and dictatorial threats to send those disobedient to him to his late mother’s  grave.

The controversial governor who spoke in his dialect warned his listeners, the Ihima community of Kogi state that whoever attempts plotting evil against him will be sent to his late mother’s grave.

He said such a person, be it a man or a woman will be sent to his late mother’s grave to run errands for her till he joins them.

He boasted that he is fully ready to deal with whomever disobeys him especially those he sends errands and they refuse to deliver his message or refuses to run the errand.

He said: ” if I send you and you are coming to give me feedback, be prepared. If I hear any rumour or murmuring even if it’s in the person’s room, and I said I want to see the person and you cannot provide him, then be prepared to serve as the person’s substitute. That’s is why I am saying it loud and clear”.

He further warned that his threats are not just about the Ihima nor Ebira but the whole of Kogi state. According to him, it is important the people receive the message and spread it so that others would hear.

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