Peter Obi Replies Okowa’s Claim That He Is Dragging The Church Into Politics

Governor of Delta State and  vice presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Ifeanyi Okowa had a few days ago accused the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mr. Peter Obi of dragging the church into politics.

According the him, Mr. Peter Obi’s frequent visit to churches is an attempt to drag the church into politics.

However, in his response to the allegation by governor Okowa, Peter Obi through his Special Adviser on Media, Valentine Obienyem, stated that Okowa’s statement is “uncharitable” and an attempt to misconstrue Peter Obi’s  unpolitical gesture.

“Should Obi start shunning Church events because of politics, even when we know that since leaving office in 2014, that Obi has visited over 1000 schools and hospitals owned by the Churches, offering them all manner of support for the upgrade of their schools and hospitals that serve the citizens of Nigeria.”

He further noted that Okowa’s statement is “contemptuous ” of the church which is also affected by bad leadership of the country; hence, should be involved in fostering democratic solution to Nigeria’s leadership problem.

“Why would Okowa suggest that it is wrong for anybody to reach out to the Churches? Is this not contemptuous of Churches?

“Everybody is affected by the bad governance in the country and should expectedly be involved in the efforts to enthrone good governance. He should be told about the difference between being politically aware and getting involved in active politics.

“Very soon, they will start to criminalize the encounter Obi is having with Nigerians in Diaspora.”

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