Peter Obi Replies Pastor Kumuyi’s Appeal To Nigerians To Support Tinubu

Pastor Kumuyi, the founder of Deeper Christian Life Ministry came under intense criticism from Nigerians over his appeal to Nigerians to support president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration.

Pastor Kumuyi noted that God will transform Nigeria through president Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the members of his cabinet. He urged Nigerians to forget the past of those in Tinubu’s government as well as resist criticizing every of their actions and inactions. He said, that is necessary for Tinubu’s administration to deliver good governance to Nigerians.

However, Peter Obi in his earlier interview on Arise tv, commented on the influence of religious leaders on the Nigerians polity. According to Peter Obi, in as much as he respects religious leaders, in some context especially politics, he disagrees with them. He explained that some religious leaders propagate that bad leadership is a product of “God’s will”. Peter Obi further argued that such understanding is one of the major reasons political leaders underperform and the system is manipulated.

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