Peter Obi’s American Supporter, Jeffery Guterman Reveals How Festus Keyamo Is Helping His Financial Problem

Dr. Jeffery Guterman who has been bantering tweets with the minister of state, Labour and Employment of the federal republic of Nigeria, Festus Keyamo, has revealed that Festus Keyamo is helping his financial problem immensely.

Festus Keyamo and Guterman started bantering tweets when Festus Keyamo urged him to desist from commenting on the local issues of Nigeria. Festus Keyamo described him as an American man who does not posses a Nigerian voter’s card; hence, lacks any political relevance in Nigeria.

“Mr. Man @JeffreyGuterman, as a hired online mercenary without a Nigerian Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), may I suggest you stay away from our local politics? I am under restraint from professional bodies to which I belong, hence I have not descended on you with the worst expletives”, Keyamo wrote.

In his reaction to Festus Keyamo incessant taunting, Jeffrey Guterman claims that Festus Keyamo is helping his financial problem by giving his earlier post about his financial problem more exposure. He added that he is living rent free in Keyamo’s head.


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