Police Declares Manhunt For A Woman Who Allegedly Killed Her Son For Stealing 2 Sachet Of Noodles

The Lagos State Police command has declared manhunt for a woman who allegedly contracted street boys to torture her 19 years-old son, after he stole 2 Sachet of noodles, she kept at home.

According to the report, the incident occured at Ilewe Ejigbo, Lafenwa street, Ejigbo, adjacent to Ejigbo NNPC  Bus stop, where the woman, who is a single mother resides with her three children.

After accusing her last son, Quadri of stealing the noodles she kept, she met the leader of the street boys in the environ, who gave order to his boys to torture the deceased.

The boy was tortured using live electric wire, inside a water pool, till he gave up the ghost.

After hearing what happened, the deceased mother pretended to have collapsed, and was rushed to a close by health center, but was rejected before she was taken to an undisclosed private hospital, where escaped.

Speaking on the case, the Lagos State Police Spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, revealed that the police was not aware of the incident, because no one reported the issue, and when they heard of it the woman had escaped.

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He revealed that, the state police contacted the deceased father, but he seems not to be interested in the case.

He further revealed that despite the delay in reporting the issue, they Will ensure that the Suspects are apprehended and forced to face the law.

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin is a Nigerian Journalist and Entertainer. Former reporter Daily Champion Newspaper Lagos. Paternal SO: Enugu State Maternal SO: Anambra State

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