Popular Kenyan Pastor, David Uwuor Claims God Has Informed Him When Rapture Will Happen

Controversial Kenyan prophet, David Uwuor Of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry, Kenya, has revealed that he knows when rapture will take place.

The controversial prophet described himself as the most powerful prophet since the days of John the Baptist. He added that God calls him “My Lord”.

Many have attributed the controversial claims of the prophet to schizophrenia as he continuously make unreal claims which includes him being aware of the time of rapture. According to him, God revealed to him when rapture will take place despite Jesus Christ and the angels of God not being aware of the said time.

In his words: “Even God calls me My Lord. He said I am the most powerful prophet he has ever sent from the time of John till date. I know when rapture will take place. Jesus doesn’t know. The angels don’t know either. No one knows except God and I.”

The controversial prophet however failed to reveal the time he claims rapture will happen.

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