Regina Daniels Accused Of Stealing By Her Mother, Rita Daniels

Sensational Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels through her Instagram story, shared a video with the caption: “someone should just tell my mother to stop insulting me”; a video in which her mother, Rita Daniels accused her of stealing.

Rita Daniels accused Regina Daniels, her daughter of stealing her leggings, shirts, and a pair of gown. She added that Regina Daniels is a wife of a billionaire businessman and politician who should be giving instead of taking from her.

Regina Daniels in her defence, furiously told her mother to stop insulting her. She further urged her to provide evidence that she actually stole the items from her.

After admitting that she actually stole the items from her mother, she told her mother that it is her right to take whatever belongs to her that she desires; hence, she was acting within her rights and did not steal.

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