Russia president, Putin speaks on the death of Wagner chief, Prigozhin’s in a jet crash

Barely 24hours after former Russian warlord, Yevgeny Prigozhin died in a jet crash on Wednesday, Russian president, Vladimir Putin has spoken on his tragic death.

There are speculations that the Russian president might be responsible for the death of Prigozhin in a jet crash especially as the former Russian warlord revolved against Putin in the month of June.

While speaking on the death of Prigozhin, Putin described him as a talented person. He disclosed that investigation has begun on the jet crash which led to the death of the Wagner group. He urged the public to be patient pending the conclusion of the investigation.

“He was a talented person. He worked in our country, but also abroad, in Africa. He worked with oil, gas, with precious metals,” Putin said.

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