Sabinus Risks Arrest Over Alleged Fraud And Deception

Popular award winning skit maker and stand up comedian, Oga Sabinus risks arrest over allegation of fraud and deception.

A show-organizer has called out the popular comedian alleging that he was paid millions to perform at an event but failed to show up.  According to him, Sabinus despite receiving the payment and acknowledging it, failed to show up at the event to the disappointment of the audience who anticipated his presence.

Supporting the allegation by  the said show organizer, a Facebook user, PricelessHairs who also attended  the event where Sabanus was slated to perform at, confirmed that the audience actually waited for the comedian to appear at the event.

Accordingly to her, the comedian had showed up at the event earlier but later went back to his hotel room without giving any reason. He however failed to return to the event nor issued any explanation or apology.

Hence, the patrons collectively demand the arrest of Oga Sabinus and also refund of the outrageous amount he was paid.

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