The Two Secret Reasons Peter Obi Did Not Call For Tinubu’s Resignation In His Press Conference – David Hundeyin

Popular award winning independent investigative journalist, David Hundeyin who had faulted Peter Obi’s press conference earlier today, has revealed that he has been told the reason Obi did not call for president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s resignation.

David Hundeyin had criticized Peter Obi’s press conference in which he appealed to president Bola Ahmed Tinubu to reintroduce himself to the public amid allegation of identity fraud and certificate forgery. David Hundeyin accused Peter Obi of leaving out the most important aspect of his press conference which is calling for president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s resignation.

“Peter Obi missed an opportunity this morning.What he should have called for was for Tinubu to come clean and resign, not whatever that was.The point of a press conference is to generate a strong headline and a lead story. What was the lead takeaway from here? ”

However, in his later tweet, David Hundeyin disclosed that he has been informed by the Labour Party hierarchy that Peter Obi not calling for president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s resignation was a precautionary measure to avoid arrest as well as avoid commenting on a case that is pending at a court.

His tweet reads: I’ve just been informed from the highest level of the Labour Party that there are 2 reasons why Peter Obi didn’t outrightly call for Mr Tinubu’s resignation/removal.

1. He was avoiding commenting on an issue in court

2. The regime is apparently looking for grounds to arrest him

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