Tinubu’s lookalike masquerade assaulted by an angry Nigerian over economic hardship (Video)

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s lookalike masquerade has been assaulted by an angry Nigerian who feels dissatisfied over rising cost of living since the outset of Tinubu’s administration.

Recall that president Tinubu in his inaugural speech, declared immediate removal of longstanding subsidy on fuel. Consequently, the exorbitant prizes at which a litter of fuel is sold across the country, has inadvertently, affected cost of things in Nigeria.

Interestingly, a humorous video of a masquerade in the facial likeness of president Bola Tinubu, being accosted by an aggrieved Igbo-speaking Nigeria, has attracted interest of many online.

The masquerade which has on its forehead, “TINUBU” conspicuously written, was queried over the rising cost of living in Nigeria.

“How much is the prize of bag of rice? How is much is fuel?” The aggrieved man queried the unresisting masquerade.

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