Unsaid Truth About Overthrone President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum

On July 23rd, president Mohammed Bazoum was overthrown by presidential guard led by Abdourahamane Tchiani. He has since then been detained by the military juntas; his wellbeing unknown. 
However, there are question marks on how Mohamed Bazoum emerged the president of Niger in 2021. The election that produced Mohamed Bazoum in 2021, was preceded and characterized by questionable practices.  His major opponent and strong contender, Hama Amadou was maliciously disqualified from contesting the 2021 election to make way for Mohamed Bazoum to coast to victory.
However, despite Hama Amadou being disqualified from the ballot, Mohamed Bazoum failed to win the majority vote in the election. He did not get the number vote required by the Niger constitution. Consequently, a runoff election was held. The runoff was also characterized by irregularities and low voter turnout.
Bazoum’s victory at the runoff was protested against by the citizens who demanded his immediate resignation and for the votes to be recounted.
 Two people were killed during the demonstrations on 25–26 February, 2021 when police fired tear gas at protesters – Bazoum’s party, PNDS did not win a majority at the National assembly – On 31 March, 2021 a coup attempt was launched by dissident soldiers two days before Bazoum’s inauguration but was thwarted, leading to the inauguration pushing through on 2 April – July 2023, Bazoum was deposed from office after a coup d’état led by members of the presidential guard and the armed forces.


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