Video: LASTMA Officers Beat Up A Soldier In Lagos

The Reliant News has obtained a 21 second video of clash between a soldier and some officers of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) in an uncertain location in Lagos.

Some aggrieved LASTMA Officers encircled a soldier who is suspected to have flouted traffic regulation or interfered in the conduct of the Lastma officers.

Despite attempt by other soldiers to broker peace between the Lastma officers and the soldier, the Lastma officers aggressively attempted to restrain the embattled soldier.

While the scuffling and shoving between the Lastma officers and the soldier went on, spectators appealed to the embattled soldiers and his colleague to fight back and counter the Lastma officers offensive.

A few hours after, soldiers flooded Ojota road in search of Lastma officers for retaliation.

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