Video: Moment Real Madrid Legend, Marcelo Broke The Leg Of Sanchez

Marcelo, a Real Madrid FC legend had an emotion draining moment last night when he unintentionally stepped on the leg of his opponent, Luciano Sanchez during a Copa Libertadores match last night.

Marcelo who currently plays for Fluminense, where he started his football career, made a return to the club from Olmpiacos in Greece, the club he had signed for after leaving Real Madrid.

In the match between Argentinos Junior and Fluminense, Marcelo whose team was trailing Argentino Junior by one goal to nil at that point, was making a run towards his opponent’s goal when the unfortunate incident happened. He had cut the ball towards his right and attempted to guard the ball against Sanchez who would make a ground tackle by outstretching his foot. Marcelo’s leg which aimed to guard the ball, unfortunately stepped on Sanchez leg leading to a nasty fracture.

Marcelo following the event, signaled to the referee to halt the game for medical examination of Sanchez leg. He was deservedly sent off.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Marcelo apologized for the unfortunate incident and further wished Sanchez quick recovering.

The medical examination of the affected leg of Sanchez reveals that he suffered dislocation in his knee.

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