Video: Popular Islamic Cleric, Dan Alhussunah Reveals The Islamic Agenda Behind Muslim-Muslim Ticket

Islamic Cleric Dan Alhussunah

Muslim-Muslim ticket controversy took yet another dimension today as  popular Islamic Cleric in a disturbing video that Nigeria belongs to Muslims.

The short video clip posted on TikTok with handle @Dan_Ahlussunah  saw the cleric, who spoke in Hausa but had his statement transcribed in English,  clamored for Muslim leadership at all cost ahead of the 2023 election, stressing that election decider lies in the hand of two states

“Nigeria belongs to Muslims. We will test the Muslim/Muslim ticket so the world will believe after we’ve defeated them in the elections. By the time we’ve won the elections in two states, the other states will be a walk over.” He said.

The cleric urged his audience to get their Permanent Voters Card while revealing intention to push more Muslim candidates.

“For this reason brethren, everyone of you must go and get their PVC. If you do not have your PVC, you are only helping infidels to oppress Muslims.

“In this time, people would say we have three Muslims contesting for the seat. Don’t allow that talk to get to you. We will talk about it when it is time. We will get to that point and they will see how we will handle it.” He revealed.

However, the cleric revealed that they will do everything possible to ensure the Presidency ends in the hand of a Muslim even if the candidate is not competent and he is the only option.

“We will definitely handle it and if it come to worst, we will pick one person out and vote for him and the rest will have to succumb. Not necessarily because that one is better, but because it has become paramount that a Muslim must rule this country. No matter how bad the Muslim is, he is still better than an infidel.” He added.


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