Video: “The War Has Started Already” Niger Citizens Chant As They Burn Down Nigeria’s Embassy

In protest against the anticipated ECOWAS troops invasion of their country with the aim of restoring democratic rule, Niger citizens stormed Nigeria’s embassy in Niger and set the buildings ablaze.

It’s understood that the Niger populace fancy the newly formed military leadership over a democratic government which they accused of being West-centric.

The west African region bloc had arisen from a meeting in Nigeria after a fourteen day ultimatum given to the military juntas in Niger elapsed. The Chairman of ECOWAS in his press statement after the meeting, announced the bloc’s resolve to invade Niger to restore democracy.

Consequently, the decision of the ECOWAS has dented the relationship between Niger and Nigeria as the pro-military rule Niger citizens perceive Nigeria’s president Bola Ahmed Tinubu as being at the forefront of the plan for Niger invasion to please the west.

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