Video: Young Nigerian Lady Used For Money Ritual By Yahoo Boyfriend Barks Like A Dog In Police Cell

There has been unresolved argument over the validity of money ritual; whether such a spiritual exercise that requires some sort of rites and ritual could result in mysterious wealth.

In Nigerian parlance, it has been given different names: “money ritual’, “blood money”, “yahoo plus”. Despite the argument from some quarters that the barbaric act is as superstitious as it is a fiasco, young Nigerians, desperate for wealth, have continued to delve into the unworthy act irrespective.

Nigerian dailies and social media space are not often short of tales about such nefarious inhuman act.

The latest manifestation of this ugly trend being a lady whose boyfriend, an alleged internet fraudster, reportedly used for money ritual.

The victim was seen roaming the street and subsequently taken in by the police. She was filmed barking vigorously as a dog in a police cell.


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