WATCH VIDEO: Italian-Based Nigerian Lady Laments After Losing Huge Savings in Nigerian Bank Account

Recently a video emerged online narrating how an Italian-based Nigerian lady lost N68 million in her Nigerian bank account, while hustling in Italy.

According to the Story, the victim identified as, Glory Omokaro, travelled to Italy in 2005 to work and save up money with intension of coming back to invest in Nigeria.

During her first visit to Nigeria to see her family in 2013, she decided to open an account with a Popular Nigerian bank, which has a branch in Benin, Edo state and deposited some huge amount into the account before going back. She demanded for the bank’s app and ATM, to monitor the account while in Italy.

She went back to Italy, was working and was saving up money in the account she opened in Nigeria, till it reached N68 million.

Then in 2021, she was not able to access the account anymore, so she called her account manager who told her to came and reactivate it herself or send someone. She decided to visit Nigeria but due to the COVID-19 pandemic she didn’t come back.

In May 2023, she returned to Nigeria to reactivate the account and withdraw some cash, but was told her account is insufficient. It was revealed that the money in her account has been moved into various accounts, leaving only N3000 for her.

This was revealed while in a chat with Brekete Family. A program centered on human rights, to protect and fight for peoples right through online and conventional media.

Watch video using the link below … 👇

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