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“Why Do You Leave Me, Your Son To Suffer”, 19-year Man Calls Out Cubana Chief Priest

A nineteen year old man whose name is given simply as Emelin who shares striking semblance with popular Nigerian socialite, Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu, better known as Cubana Chiefpriest,  claims that the socialite is his father.

In a viral video, nineteen year old  Emelin accuses his mother of hiding certain truth about his biological father. He claims his mother has been reticent on who his father is. As result, he seeks paternity test with Cubana Chiefpriest especially as many of his acquaintances claim he looks like the socialite.

In the video currently trending online, Emelin accused Cubana Chiefpriest of abandoning him, his “son” to languish in poverty. He thereafter appealed to him to come and take him to be with him.

“Why do you leave me to suffer? Come and carry your son. Come and claim me. I’m your son. It’s high time I knew the truth”, he said in part.

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