Why It Is Wrong To Ask Mohbad’s Wife, Omowumi Aloba To Conduct DNA Test On Her Son- Aisha Yesufu

Prominent Nigerian activist and convener of bring-back-our-girls, Aisha Yesufu has berated Nigerians urging bereaved wife of Afro hip hop singer, Mohbad, Omowumi Aloba to carry out paternity test on her son.

Amid the controversy that trailed Mohbad’s death, speculators allege that the late singer might not be the biological father of his five-month-old baby which he had with Omowumi. According to the speculators, Omowumi maintained amorous relationship with some members of the Naira Marley’s record label despite being in a relationship with Mohbad. Speculators claim that Omowumi might have conceived from any male member of the Naira Marley’s record label other than Mohbad.

It is further alleged that the late Mohbad met Omowumi at the Naira Marley’s record label; claim which is meant to imply that she indeed need to prove if her son is actually fathered by Mohbad.

Omowumi Aloba while reacting to the intense pressure from the public to prove the paternity of her child, avowed to carry out a DNA test on her son so as to clear the doubt of those doubting her loyalty to her late husband, Mohbad.

However, while reacting to the speculation about DNA test on Mohbad’s child, Aisha Yesufu argued that Nigerians do not have the right to ask Omowumi to conduct paternity test on her son. She stated that only the acclaimed father of the child is capable of making such a request.

“You have no right to ask a woman to do paternity test except you are the father of the child.
As for those of you saying it’s because of paternity fraud why don’t you start with your own DNA to ascertain you are your father’s child”, she tweeted.

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