Wike Reveals When His Fight With Atiku Will Formally Begin

Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers state,

spoke in Aba, Abia State, on Monday, during the commissioning of the Osisioma flyover. He  commended Okezie Ikpeazu for constructing the flyover at Osisioma which he said would help to change the economic narrative of the state.Wike
Governor Ikpeazu said his administration constructed the flyover to ease traffic on the Osisioma Junction and enhance economic activities in the state.

In his speech, Governor Wike said that God has given him the power to crush his opposers. He also declared that his battle with his Political enemies will begin during election campaigns.

He said: “I was on a plane with him (Ikpeazu) and we were discussing and he said why won’t I leave this thing for God and I said what do you mean by that? Why are you overcrowding God? God has given me what it takes for me to crush these people, for me to crush my enemies and you are telling me I should leave it for God. No. God has give me what it takes. God has so many things to do. There are the ones I should do and there are the ones I should call God.

“Now that I know I have the capacity to flog these small boys and you want me to go and leave it for God. I am going to flog them pepper. Anybody who doesn’t understand that let him know that I am not going to wait at all. All those ones who are talking in my state calm down, when we start campaigning, we will know who is who.

“Don’t associate myself with those who cannot show anything. I associate myself with people I know have something to offer. Ikpeazu I want to say it without fear or favour and without any contradiction, you are a man that knows what to do for his people.

“I and Ikpeazu have come a long way. People do not understand relationships. They think relationships can be bought with money. No relationship can be bought with me. That is why when I read on pages of newspaper, they said some people were making attempts to break my rank and I say they don’t understand the modus operandi of what we are doing.

“If they understand the modus operandi they won’t waste their time. If you like to go and meet Ikpeazu, Seyi, Ortom, Ugwuanyi, you don’t even understand the modus operandi. These are not the people doing what you are seeing. We are using ourselves as if we are the people. We are not the people so you are making mistakes.”


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