Woman Narrates Shocking Story Of How She Slept With A Snake For Her Husband’s Business To Prosper

A forty five year old woman, Juliet Murwira whose husband runs transportation business, has narrated how she performed a daunting ritual to make her husband’s transport business thrive.

The Zimbabwean lady narrated that the ritual involved her sleeping in a bed with a snake while her husband’s who initiated the ritual, watched.

She recounted that her husband, Mungoshi owns Ngoshi Transport and ensures that his business thrives through diabolical means which including having affair with multiple woman as well as compelling her to sleep with a snake

Mungoshi is the owner of Ngoshi Transport and he has been using me for years to make money. The juju he uses requires him to sleep with different women, and me to sleep with his snake. I ran away because I couldn’t bear the pain anymore”.

The lady explained that Mr. Mungoshi has continued to chase after her despite her leaving him for over two years. She added that her ex-husband, Mr. Mungoshi accuses her of running away with  another man.

On his own side, Mr. Mungoshi described his ex-wife’s story as a deliberate attempt by her to blackmail him. He questioned why the said lady lived with him for over 20 years and never spoke up about her being subjected to such a strange ritual that involved sleeping with a snake.

He added that she  actually absconded with a man who resides in the United Kingdom, abandoning their marriage.

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