Wunmi Tearfully Tells Court The Actual Reason Mohbad Was Taking To Hospital By Motorcycle

Wife of late Afro hip hop, Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba in her more than three-hour testimony before the corona inquest into the controversial death of her late husband, told the court why her deceased husband was rushed to husband by motorcycle.

On the 7th of November, Wunmi told the court that her late husband had complained about some discomfort which was being treated. According to her, the nurse administering the treatment alongside with Mohbad’s friend, Ajiseguri Ayobami also known as DJ Bami went out to buy something.

She said Mohbad was left alone in his room and that when she entered the said room, she saw Mohbad lying listlessly on the room floor and immediately suspected that something was amiss.

She explained that Mohbad was taking to husband by a motorcycle because of traffic gridlock.

“I ran out to find help as Mohbad’s car was at the mechanic’s. I ran to knock on the gate of our neighbour who came to help carry him. There was a traffic jam on our way.

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The driver touched Mohbad’s hand and said it was cold. We quickly came down to find a bike to take us to the hospital. The photographer was with Mohbad on a bike while I followed them on another bike.

“I stayed outside as they didn’t allow me into the ward as they took him in. A few moments later they told me he was d£ad. I didn’t believe and I quickly called Mohbad’s cousin Darosha to come because I didn’t believe the Doctor. Darosha took him to another hospital where he was said to be brought in d£ad,” Wunmi said in tears.

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