“You Are Wrong Pastor Adeboye “, Reno Omokri Lectures Pastor Adeboye Over His Pray For Israel Remark

Controversial pastor, Reno Omokri has questioned pastor Adeboyo’s sense of reasoning and understanding of the scripture following pastor Adebayo’s call for prayer for Israel.

Pastor Adeboye had in his reaction to the ongoing armed conflict between Hamas terrorists and Israel, appealed to Christians to pray for Israel at the expense of the Palestinian who are currently under intense onslaught from the Israeli soldiers.

In his response to pastor Adeboye’s remark, Reno Omokri argued that pastor Adeboye neglected the Palestinian Christians in his call for prayer for Israel.

“But, dear Pastor Adeboye, sir, what about our brothers and sisters in Palestine? A greater percentage of Palestinians are Christians than the Israeli population. Half a million of them, to be precise. Doesn’t the Bible, in Galatians 6:10, ask us to first show love to members of the household of faith before others?”

Reno Omokri further claimed that pastor Adeboye’s remark will negatively affect the faith of Palestinian Christians who would feel discouraged

“Perhaps they may feel abandoned that your message did not even mention them. If I were a Palestinian and saw your message, I would sink into further despair. We can condemn Hamas and commend Palestinians. Most Palestinians have nothing to do with Hamas, which is controlled from Iran, not from Palestine”.

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“Sir, I have been to Palestine. I will not wish their condition on my own enemy. They are God’s children, too. They are never children of a lesser god. Thete is only one Creator God and He loves them just as much as He loves Israelis. He said so in John 3:16. Don’t they deserve our love and prayers and every possible non-military support we can rouse to alleviate their tremendous human suffering?”


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