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“You Must Pay That Debt” Aduni Ade Receives Threat Over Outrageous Amount She Owes Murphy Afolabi

Actress Aduni Ade has been called out by Murphy Afolabi ‘s burial committee who accuse her of failing to pay 250000 debt she owes late Murphy Afolabi before his eventual death.

The appeal was made to the actress as the burial committee held  Fidau Prayer 8th day of the actor and filmmaker passing. According to the burial committee, actress Aduni Ade must settle the 250000 Naira debt irrespective of the fact that Murphy Afolabi is now dead; hence, the aphorism that death cancels all debt does not apply in the context.

“Adunni Ade please return the N250,000 that you are owing the Late Murphy Afolabi”, the burial committee publicly appealed.

Interestingly, the actress’ political stance before the Nigeria’s February 25th presidential election appears to have pitched her against her colleagues in the Yoruba movie industry, and also fetched lots of enemies.

The actress had accused some of her colleagues of being bought over by the Nigeria’s president-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu before the presidential election. She accused them of receiving N90,000 bribe from Bola Ahmed Tinubu so as to endorse his presidential ambition. Consequently, her allegation against her colleagues seems not have been forgotten.

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