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Financial Expert, Mr. Geh Geh reveals how Sabinus humiliated three of friends he bought cars for



A popular Nigerian financial expert, Mr. Geh Geh has accused skit maker and comedian, Sabinus of deliberately humiliating his three friends whom he recently bought cars for.

The internet was two days ago awash of pictures of Sabinus’ allies posing with their newly acquired Toyota Camry 2008 model reported to have been given to them as  surprise packages from Sabinus.


However, Mr. Geh Geh in his criticism, claimed that Sabinus gifting his allies such  standard of cars, was a mockery of their careers. He said such cars which he described as outdated 2008 Toyota Camry does not befit their career. According to him, Sabinus would have done better by buying more befitting cars for them other than 2008 Toyota Camry.


Mr. Geh Geh in his criticism, further suggested that the comedian would have as well, invested the sum of money utilized in buying those cars in Agriculture which he said would yield more profit that cars regarded as liability.

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