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Abroad based Nigerian lady reveals three less -known European countries that pay foreigners to come to their cities


An abroad based Nigerian lady has revealed three less-known European cities and towns that reward immigrants who chose to make them their permanent homes.

The unnamed Nigerian lady in a TikTok video also disclosed the attractive offers such places offer potential immigrants the convince them to come to dwell permanently in their communities.

The said lady revealed that the top on the list list of such  places with such an offer for immigrants is Presicce; a town in Italy which offers potential immigrants sum of £25,000 to remain permanently in the town.


According to her, due to Presicce aging population, the town seeks to increase its population by offering immigrants incentive to become part of their community permanently.


She thereafter names Greek Island of Antikythera as the second in her list. The Greek Island of Antikythera comprises hundreds of dwellers and seek to lure newcomers to the island by offering them a house and a monthly allowance of at least £500 across three years.

A town in Switzerland known as Albinen takes the last position in the list. Albinen is said to be offering about £50,000 incentives to families of four who decide to relocate to the town permanently.

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