Adanma Luke finally speaks on boat mishap that claimed the life of Junior Pope, reveals who is to be blamed

Nollywood actress cum producer, Adanma Luke has opened up on the regrettable deaths of actor, Junior Pope and four others while return from a movie set within the river Niger axis.

Adanma Luke who is the producer of the movie (the other side of life) in which Junior Pope featured in, broke her silence through her Instagram page.

The actress expressed her ruefulness over the death of Junior Pope and other members of her crew. She revealed that she has suffered depression in consequence and that she regrets her decision to carryout the movie production within the Asaba axis other than Lagos.

She thereafter highlighted her efforts towards the recovery of bodies as well as conveying them to their relatives for proper burial.

“On the 10th of April, we lost five of our members who were on their way to a location through boat and had an accident.

“I’ve been so traumatised. I’ve been so cold. this whole thing, it still feels like a dream to me.

“I’ve not been able to make any statements since, because we’ve been trying to recover the bodies. I’ve been providing fuel money to those looking for bodies, provided caskets, ambulance to make sure the bodies were conveyed to their villages and families.

“I’ve not been quiet; I’ve been doing things just so these people can rest. It’s so sad that this happened on my set.

“I blame myself that I would have been in Lagos, doing my thing in Lagos. I blame myself for coming down to Asaba.”

She added that she would have been in same both which was involved in an accident had her production director not called her to bring the memory card in which the movie production was recorded.

” I was supposed to be on that boat; my production manager was calling me to bring the memory card so they could start filming, and I told him to come and collect it.

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