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Comedian Destalker Recounts His Struggles In Life And How He Attempted Su!cide


Nigerian standup comedian, Destalker in a recent chat with Afrobeats podcast anchor, Adesope Olajide, narrated his past struggles and how he attempted to commit su!cide.

He revealed that upon graduation from Enugu State University Of Technology (ESUT), he opted to become a commercial motorcyclist, because of his inability to secure a better job.

He was depressed following family and personal problems, leading to his decision to k!ll himself but failed thrice.

In his words;


“We talked about sacrifice. From school, public administration, no work, doing okada, but the truth is I already have it in my mind that I will not work for anybody. First of all, you must have a blueprint of what you want to become,”

“I was struggling, doing things on my own. It was not easy. There were a lot of distractions that it got to the point that I was suicidal. I attempted suicide three good times. That is when I know that even I cannot take my life.


“That is why I now believe that when you are suicidal your miracle is close, the devil does not just want you to attain it. The closer you are to your destiny, the more difficult the challenges.

“When the devil wants to frustrate you no be an outsider, but your immediate family. They say a man’s foes are the members of his family. Your biggest enemy is your family first.” he said.

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin also known as, 'Chukaben' is a Nigerian journalist and entertainer. Former reporter Champion Newspaper, Lagos. Paternal SO: Enugu State maternal SO: Anambra State

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