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VeryDarkMan narrates how “polygamy” contributed to the death of Mr. Ibu


Legendary comic actor, John Okafor widely known as Mr. Ibu was reported to have died from prolonged illness in a Lagos hospital on the 2nd of March, 2024.

The actor had called for public donations from Nigerians. He was thereafter amputated and underwent several surgeries amid controversy between his wife and his children over mismanagement of the donated funds. There are also claims from some sections about Mr. Ibu’s wife denying him the needed care while he was bedridden in a hospital.


However, popular social media commentator, VeryDarkMan has in his reaction to the actor’s death, enjoined his listeners to be wary of polygamy. He also advised that one must be cautious while choosing spouses. The commentator further suggested that Mr. Ibu was denied care from the members of his family who he alleged to have been more interested in looting the public donations for the actor’s treatment.


Also, there are speculations about Mr. Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine Okafor hijacking the actor’s TikTok account and modifying it to hers a few hours after he died.

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