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WATCH VIDEO: How Ogun Clergy Abducted His Member’s Daughter, Molested And Impregnated Her


A video emerged online revealing how a clergy, Adeleye Dada Dollar, was accused of abducting his church Member’s daughter, Kabira, and was forcefully having affairs with her, under his custody until she got pregnant.

Narrating what transpired in the video, the victim’s mother, Joke Adekunle, told Journalists that her daughter, Kabirat left home since 8th January, 2024, following her admonishment to her for a misbehaviour.

She told her not to visit her shop as a form of punishment, not knowing she took it so serious.

When she returned home same day, she couldn’t find her daughter, but noticed she removed her school books from her bag, and used it to pack some of her clothes, so she immediately tried to contact her pastor, who failed to pick up the calls because his phone was bad.


According to her, the clergy visited her during the search for Kabira, comforted her and was assuring her that she would be found, not knowing that her daughter was under his custody.

Speaking further, she revealed that she found her daughter after she (Kabira) contacted her (Kabira’s mum) via phone call, and gave her full description of where she was.

The victim (Kabira) when being quizzed by Journalists, revealed that the day she left their home, the suspect took her to an uncompleted building, and forcefully had canal knowledge of her. He was molesting her since since 2021.


The accused, affirmed to have committed the Crime when being questioned, and pleaded for forgiveness.

Watch video below.

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin also known as, 'Chukaben' is a Nigerian journalist and entertainer. Former reporter Champion Newspaper, Lagos. Paternal SO: Enugu State maternal SO: Anambra State

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