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“I have never seen anything like this before” May Edochie celebrates her latest accomplishment


May Edochie, the estranged first wife of Yul Edochie rejoices over her latest achievement.

May Edochie whose relationship status with Yul Edochie since the later announced taking a second wife has been unclear, through her Instagram page, celebrated her attainment of 1 million followers on Instagram.

She attributed the growth of Instagram page to her super fan and follower who recently initiated a countdown to one million followers for her. While appreciating her fans and followers, Yul Edochie described their love for her as “unexplainable” and noted that her latest fest deserves celebration.


“I’ve never seen anything like the kinda love my fans and followers have for me. It’s unexplainable. I was amazed when I first noticed a big fan initiated a countdown to 1M, which nearly turned into a movement. What kind of love is this? Y’all are truly amazing. Genuine celebrations and jubilations here and there. I have to do this cos this page is no longer my page but OUR page”

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