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Seun Kuti’s wife, Yetunde speaks on marrying the singer and how life has been with him amid her family’s advice against her marrying him

Yetunde Kuti, wife of Seun Kuti has in an interview on TV Entertainment, revealed how she lives with her husband, Seun Kuti.

According to her, she had no intention of getting married prior to her marrying Seun Kuti; she was also advised against marrying the singer by her families who suggested that she might die prematurely if she married Seun Kuti.

Yetunde added further that her family while advising her against marrying Seun Kuti, pointed out that he might follow his father’s footsteps especially as his father, Fele Anikulapo Kuti married multiple wives.

She suggested that her marriage to Seun Kuti has been happy and blissful.

In her words: “I have always had the idea of not wanting to be married, and my family was expecting me not to get married, especially to Seun. I grew up with people whose marriages were not stable and looked at it from their perspective, and I realized that everybody has their own reasons why their marriages didn’t work, and people can’t just continue like that.”

“There’s a sacrifice that one has to make, but some people don’t want to make the sacrifice. My family said my life would end if I married Seun Kuti and that I would just be one of his 35 wives. They said his father married many wives and that he would marry more than him.”

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