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What God will do to Tinubu for breaking heart of Nigerians– Father Mbaka

Fierce Enugu-based Catholic priest, reverend father Ejike Mbaka who is the head of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), has warned president Bola Ahmed Tinubu over his underperforming administration.

Father Mbaka while speaking at the Adoration ground in Emene, Enugu State, urged the president to be aware and wary of God’s eyes which he said are watching him. He criticized the president over his inability to dismantle alleged cabals in the Nigeria’s oil sector. According to him, these cabals are responsible for longstanding corruption in the oil sector which inadvertently undermines Nigeria’s economic progress.

“Mr President, you can do it; to fix Nigeria is not difficult if the leader has the will power.

“I know that this one will make national news but let it be.

“Why is it difficult up till now to fix other refineries? Who are the cabals? Can’t they be de-canibalized? Cabals can be de-canibalized if the president has the will power; hell will not fall, heaven will not fall.

“These people can go to jail; after all, many of them did not support you; so why are you protecting them? Mr President, wake up, God is watching you to see what you can do”.

He further stated that the president is capable of turning around the misfortunes of the country  if he has the willpower to initiate and implement policies that will ensure security and stability in the country. He said the rising cost of living can be attributed to the insecurity ravaging the country as farmers are unable to go their farms over fear of being killed by criminals.

“Hunger, as I told you last two years, has not even started; I won’t tell you lies; everybody should be meaningfully engaged, start something.

“In Nkerefi last time, about six women who were farming were killed and their stomachs brought out; who will go to the farm there again? The fear is there.

“Even politicians who think they are safe in their comfort zone, you are not safe because the level of insecurity will come to your doorstep one day.”

He thereafter stated that president Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been blessed by God with wealth and in consequence should submit to God to be used to transform Nigeria.

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