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Nwabali did not start his career as a goalkeeper, has never lost in a penalty shootout” Nwabali’s former coach, Elechi Ngozi reveals how he discovered him


Stanley Nwabali Bobo has become a household name among sport-loving Nigerians following his heroics at the ongoing 2023 African Cup of Nations in Cote D’Ivoire.

The meteoritic rise of Stanley Nwabali is a testament of his football talent and determination to be disguised by his now proven consistency in his profession.

The Early Career of Stanley Nwabali Bobo 

According to Stanley Nwabali Bobo’s youth team coach, Ngozi Elechi who brought him into limelight, Stanley Nwabali started his football career as a striker. He came across the player at a local football tournament where he played as a striker. When he inquired about Stanley Nwabali, he was informed that he is also good at goalkeeping.

His interest in Stanley Nwabali meant that he would later join the football team he manages, Go Round Football club where he then specialized in manning the goalpost.

Speaking on Nwabali’s fine performance at the ongoing AFCON, he noted that he is not surprised at how much well he has improved. He said Nwabali’s unique personality which comprises his calmness and ability to control his backline properly, distinguishes him.

He added that while Stanley Nwabali was under him, the goalkeeper did not lose in a penalty shootout.

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